CNC Bridge Type Video Measuring Machine
Features of our system (optional: Renishaw MCP Probe, 3D measuring)
1. Save your time to measure by up to 50%
2. why? because the instinctive design on our software coincide with our hardware make you easily understand the software.
3. therefore, you save the time to understand, measure and even train your new operators, the time you save allows you to do other more important tasks!
4. long lifetime lower the yearly cost
5. remote training available by Teamviewer from us
Product Description

CNC Bridge Type Video Measuring Machine (optional: Renishaw MCP Probe, 3D measuring)

Bridge type VMM-6060C designs with granite structure and guidance of air bearing that provides rapid movement and accurate position for high traverse. VMM-6060C is the ideal model for larger LCD and PCB inspection. Working with professional CNC software: QIM5008 satisfies various sizes measurements.

Carmar manufacturer all the CNC video measuring system on our, such as its linear scale, digital readout(optional), working stage, as well as software, therefore, the consistency is much better than other brands.


1. All Systems are probe-ready(optional), auto focus function, joystick control;

2. Powerful controller used for Auto-focus to perform high repeatability;

3. Fast servo motor controlling;

4. High resolution Sony 1/2" color CCD camera and NAVITAR zoom lens;

5. Air bearing design for X and Y-axis and table structure of granite ensures geometric accuracy and vibration resistance.

6. Surface cold-light source is used to enhance the performance of illumination.

7. Customer design availability. Special treatment glass table to avoid deformation. Max glass size can go up to 2,000x 3,000x 200mm(XYZ).

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