Manual Video Measuring Machine
VMM is the best solution to measure the 2.5D dimension of your products.
Product Description

Non-contact Video Measuring Machine

Standard VMM-D Series

Carmar manufacture video measuring system, including linear scale, digital readout(optional), working stage, as well as software, therefore the consistency is much better than other brands

VMM is a measuring system with CCD camera for 2D measurement. VMM are one of the best developed products in Carmar’s product lines. Providing customers with precise, cost effective equipments and good service are our business philosophy. VMM series satisfy all kinds of two dimensional measurements with self-developed software.


1. High accuracy with fixed working table and granite pedestal;
2. RS-232 interface can do communication between measuring software and computer.
3. Optional: High resolution Japan 1/2" color CCD camera with sharp images;
4. The user can manage and output the graphs as bmp or DWG format by connecting with PC and running the program.
5. One-click edge detection.

Product Specifications