Manual Video Measuring Machine
Features of our system (optional: Renishaw MCP Probe, 3D measuring)
1. Save your time to measure by up to 50%
2. why? because the instinctive design on our software coincide with our hardware make you easily understand the software.
3. therefore, you save the time to understand, measure and even train your new operators, the time you save allows you to do other more important tasks!
4. long lifetime lower the yearly cost
5. remote training available by Teamviewer from us

VMM is the best solution to measure the 2.5D dimension of your products.

Product Description

Non-contact Video Measuring Machine (optional: Renishaw MCP Probe, 3D measuring)

VMM is a measuring system with CCD camera for 2D measurement. VMM are one of the best developed products in Carmar’s product lines. Providing customers with precise, cost effective equipments and good service are our business philosophy. VMM series satisfy all kinds of two dimensional measurements with self-developed software.

System Features:

1. High accuracy with fixed working table and granite pedestal;
2. RS-232 interface can do communication between measuring software and computer.
3. Optional: High resolution Japan 1/2" color CCD camera with sharp images;
4. The user can manage and output the graphs as bmp or DWG format by connecting with PC and running the program.
5. One-click edge detection.

Software Features: (what's the diffrence between Carmar and other brands?) 

Instinctive design let us easily understand, use and learn, which save your time and the time to train your new operator; allowing you to do more important tasks.

Altogether 15 geometric elements can be measured ( point, line, plane, circle, arc, ellipse, rectangle, key slot, ring, cylinder, cone, sphere, open curve, closed curve, focal surface), height can be measured as well. Basic geometric elements can be preset.
(1) Contact measuring—probe measuring or non-contact measuring—video measuring can be selected according to specific requirement.
(2) Multiple measuring methods: intelligent automatic edge detecting, selecting points in a whole object, selecting points from multiple parts, selecting points via mouse, selecting adjacent points, selecting points via cross line, magnifying and selecting points, comparatively selecting points, selecting points via probe.
2. Geometric elements constrution
Enhancing ability to construct two-dimension and three-dimension geometric elements,
Enhancing Features:
(1) Ability to construct multiple elements: point, line, circle, arc, ellipse, rectangle, distance, angle, ring, key slot, plane, cylinder, cone and sphere.
(2) Multiple constrution methods: extracting, intersecting, perpendicular, paralleling, tangency, mirroring, etc.   

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