Standard Profile Projector
Profile Projector (Optical Comparator) is the wise solution to measure the 2.5D dimension of your products.
Product Description

Carmar manufacture whole measuring system, including linear scale, digital readout(optional), working stage, as well as software, therefore the consistency is much better than other brands.

Vertical Standard Type Digital Optical Comparator

PV-3015    series   (Reverse image)          

PV-3015E   series   (Erect image)

PV series profile projectors are reliable and affordable measuring system of high precision and efficiency. An excellent solution to the most critical requirments of high quality Optical Profile Measuring Suitable for measuring different shapes. Complicated profiles such as press components, gears, cams, treads, tools, dies, turned components, automats ect. Most effective device to measure most 2 Dimensional parameters like linear dimensions and angles.
The components, such as linear scale, digital readout, optical lens, etc., are all made by Carmar Technology.


Excellent optical measuring system to project precisely magnified image.
Magnification accuracy : 0.08% contour, 0.12% surface.
Equipped with DC-3000 data processing system and foot-switch for measuring.
Erect image measuring for different requirements.

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