Enhanced Profile Projector
Profile Projector (Optical Comparator) is the wise solution to measure the 2.5D dimension of your products.
Product Description

Carmar manufacture whole measuring system, including linear scale, digital readout(optional), working stage, as well as software, therefore the consistency is much better than other brands.

Vertical Enhanced Type Digital Optical Comparator

PV-3015A    series   (Reverse image)

PV-3015AE   series  (Erect image)

PV series profile projectors are reliable and affordable measuring system of high precision and efficiency. The accuracy has caught up with the famous manufacturers, such as Nikon, Mitutoyo, OGP, TESA, Werth, Starret, etc. The optical comparator is widely used in calibration labs or on the shop floor as a stand-alone unit. It’s also a good choice for general purpose tool room work to measure complex shapes and hole patterns easily and quickly. We have made erect image type to meet different requirements.

The components, such as linear scale, digital readout, optical lens, etc., are all made by Carmar Technology. 


The accuracy of PV-3000 series optical comparator can reach the international level.

1.          Max travel distance can be up to 250 x 150 x 100

2.          High precision table design can afford load of 50 kgs without affecting the measuring performance.

3.          Design with elevation of projecting screen for focusing to ensure stability and high precision.

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