3D Optical Profiler
Non-contact Measurement Equipment is the ultimate solution for inspection in semiconductor field.
Product Description

Nano-depth 3D profile fast presents
    Carmar’s SWIM full series designs with the latest scanning white-light interferometric technology. Outstanding performance with simple operation, customer design flexibility and high-precision scanning, the Micro-3D profile and surface texture can be done by non-contact and non- constructive operation in normal environment. Moreover, nano-level surface roughness and step height calculation are traced to ISO International standards.
Powerful SWIM series white-light Interferometer can acquire the scanning data of FOV in a few seconds. 3D profile and height inspection results obtaining is better than point to point con-focal microscope. The 3D graphic measuring ability is better than scanning electron microscope.
   No matter the polishing, rough layer, or even the transparent material can be inspected by SWIM as long as the reflection rate of measured object is over 1%. SWIM is suitable for the inspections of surface profiles and micro-structure for  all kinds of materials and components. 

The applications are as below:
* Touch Panel LCD
* Solar Cell
* Silicon Wafer / Sapphire Wafer
* DVD Sisk / Hard Disk
* MEMS Components
* high-density interconnect PCB
* IC  Package
* Micro Mechanical Parts or Mold
* and analysis and surface research of other materials and Precision Machined Surface.
Patented PVSI scanning technology make depth measuremnet reach 0.1nm resolution
SWIM series provides Vertical Resolution: 0.1 nm, Lateral Space Resolution: 0.5 μm(50X lens) with max vertical scanning speed can go up to 12μm/s.  The ability of high speed presentation of 3D Micro-Profile is necessary tool for research, RD, and quality check for production.

Product Specifications