Metallurgical Microscope
Carmar Metalloscope provides high end video measuring system to resolve more inspections inquiries, such as
1.Medical field (campus and Research institutes )
2.Semiconductor and PCB products
3.Metal or Material identified and analysis
Product Description

Carmar Metalloscope has two sighting systems: television image and visual optics, which can be used to observe metallographic structure of a metal’s surface. This instrument is mainly applied in 2D measurement, sometimes in 3D aided measurement as well.

Carmar Metalloscope high precision and high efficiency measuring instrument that takes image, eyepiece and nanoscale height into consideration, and integrates optics, machinery, electronics, computing and video. It is widely used in manufacturing sectors, such as electronic components, precise mold, precise tool, plastic, PCB, coating's thickness, handset grass, Medical field (campus and Research institutes ), Semiconductor and PCB products, Metal or Material identified and analysis.

Product Specifications