Height measuring machine
Carmar Auto Height Measuring Instrument is a standing digital con-coordinate measuring machine based on precision machinery, modern sensor technique and electronic technology. It is widely used in precision machinery, hardware, plastic, etc.
Product Description

Carmar Auto Height Measuring Instrument can be used to measure the distance between two planes, depth of hole, groove width, and diameter, center distance, maximum and minimum value of hole and groove. In addition, when configured with electronic probe, it is possible to measure verticality.
1.  Outstanding accuracy performance, 2+L/500μm, Repeatability in plane: 1.0μm
2.  One-touch functions allow multiple metrology measurements.
3.  Pneumatic floatation in pedestal makes it easy to measure.
4.  Granite Pneumatic floatation mechanical structure, high accuracy and small deformation at temperature difference.
5.  Auto measuring- high efficiency, and high stability and reliability.
6.  Verticality measuring is available for option.
7.  Output data to RS232 allowed.

Product Specifications